Some Glimpes of our Awards
Charitable Trust Awards
The year
The Organisation / Individual
Ms. Mallika Dey and Ms. Sadhana Mandal
Hamari Muskan
2014 Sundarban Rural Development and Training Centre (SRDTC)
2013 Udayan Care Centre’s Udayan Shalini Fellowship
2012 PUBLIC (People United for Better Living in Calcutta)
2011 Care and Counselling Centre
2010 Tagore Society for Rural Development
2009 Disha Foundation
2008 CHIP House Montessori
2007 Navanir - a home for the aged
2006 Paripurnata - half way home for mentally ill women
2005 Mentaid - working with mentally challenged children
2004 Oral School for Deaf Children - caring for speech and hearing impaired children
2003 All Bengal Women's Union - caring for homeless and aged women
2002 Nari Seva Sangh – old age home
2001 Prof. Dr. Manju Ray – Scientist who had discovered a new cancer drug