Every event, over the decades, has been a source of knowledge and learning. As LSG looks to the future, its focus is to increase and diversify its activities, ranging from developing entrepreneurial awareness and social consciousness, to make a positive difference to the society at large.

LSG’s objectives are to spread awareness through interactions and analyses, understand the ramifications of national issues, be involved in devising and carrying out action plans for improving the quality of life in our society, open up opportunities for expression, and felicitate endeavours towards excellence. LSG has helped stimulate consciousness in its members.
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Latest Event
An Interactive Session with Mr. Derek O'Brien and Ms. Barkha Dutt
- 11th August 2018

LSG hosted and engaged with Mr Derek O'Brien,a dynamic politician, quiz master and Rajya Sabha MP; in a power packed, lively and fun-filled interactive session with Ms Barkha Dutt, TV journalist, celebrated author and Padmasree awardee on 11th August 2018.

Derek confessed that while politics is invigorating, it is uni-dimensional and affects your personal life. Coming from a non-political family, he chose to join Trinamool as Mamata Banerjee had the best shot to oust the communist from Bengal. Congress was out of touch and though BJP had the best outreach he had a deep disconnect with their basic ideology. Being criticised for toeing the party line and not expressing dissent.He said Dissent can take place within the forum but when the party takes a call one has to fall in line.

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