Every event, over the decades, has been a source of knowledge and learning. As LSG looks to the future, its focus is to increase and diversify its activities, ranging from developing entrepreneurial awareness and social consciousness, to make a positive difference to the society at large.

LSG’s objectives are to spread awareness through interactions and analyses, understand the ramifications of national issues, be involved in devising and carrying out action plans for improving the quality of life in our society, open up opportunities for expression, and felicitate endeavours towards excellence. LSG has helped stimulate consciousness in its members.
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Latest Event
A Grim Peek Into Celebrity Prison Life…
- 24th January, 2018

Ladies Study Group unveiled the ‘Gripping Tales of Lives in Jail’ and peek into the prison lives of celebrities in a rare and engrossing session with a commendable panel, highly reputed in their respected fields. The experienced Dr. Kunal Sarkar-- with his sardonic humor, easy sharp wit, and candour prompted the panelists to respond with alacrity, to come up with some exciting revelations-- moderated the event.

“Journalism to law enforcement, Indian women have carved a niche”, stated LSG President, Namrata Sureka in her introductory speech.

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